You probably got here because you are searching for Christian School in Metro Manila.

You’re at the right place.

Christian schools are a preferred it option in educating children because of the following benefits.

  1. Long Term Perspective

The quality of beliefs influence the quality of behaviour and translates to habits and eventually results.

Christian values enable wiser decisions because of a long term perspective. This is useful when dealing with opportunities and investments.

The Bible introduces the cyclical nature of the seasons that reminds us to stay humble during prosperity and encouraged during difficulties.

  1. Defense Against Poor Decisions

Failure often results from being unable to resist pleasurable short term activities that have harmful long term consequences.

Success is difficult to achieve and even more difficult to maintain and many disasters can often be easily prevented by saying no.

Living in the city increases the exposure to vices and poor decisions and that’s why studying in a Christian school in Metro Manila a wise investment to compensate.

  1. Application of Practical Timeless Wisdom

Christian values imparts the timeless wisdom that encourages a person during difficulties, live a life of moderation, maintaining composure at times of extreme emotion and all these messages enables one to live a balanced and full life.

In order to equip students with as many competitive advantages as possible, a global perspective and the use of effective training materials is essential to enable the learner to employ as many tools as they can use.

There are several Christian schools in the Philippines but it is important to consider higher standards in order to accomplish your desired results in a student’s education.

VCIS is a Christian school in Metro Manila that equips students to be globally competitive, by following an internationally minded curriculum that is based on a Christian world view.