VCIS Participated in the Metro Manila Shake Drill

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: September 18,2015

Last July 29, 2015, VCIS participated in the Metro Manila Shake Drill, the metro-wide earthquake drill aimed to prepare the public in the event of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It was quite evident that the students took the exercises seriously as the drill was simulated to be as close to reality as possible. They listened intently to the team leaders’ instructions, asked questions, and immersed deeply in the situations/scenarios.


Aside from the drills, VCIS has also been training and preparing the students, faculty, and staff through a series of disaster preparedness talks and first aid trainings at school. These trainings are intended to increase everyone’s knowledge and ability to protect themselves should the dreaded earthquake occur.


Below are essential tips before, during, and after an earthquake.



  1. Identify places where to stay when the shaking starts (e.g., under a sturdy table).
  2. Practice the “Drop, Cover, and Hold” procedure even at home.
  3. Set aside items that could fall and cause injuries (e.g., bookshelves, mirrors, light fixtures).
  4. Prepare a “go bag” where emergency supplies, such as water and medicines, are stored.
  5. Prepare a family emergency communication plan.


  1. Keep calm and have presence of mind. While the ground is shaking, find a nearby object for protection and covering.
  2. Remain in the “Drop, Cover, and Hold” position after the shaking stops.
  3. Immediately and calmly leave the school building/building after the shaking stops.


  1. Proceed to the planned evacuation area or look for an open space.
  2. At the evacuation area, there should be a head count of people.
  3. Be prepared to “Drop, Cover, and Hold on” in the likely event of aftershocks.