VCIS students “wearing multiple hats” at the Teachers’ Day celebration

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: November 17,2015

Keeping alive the VCIS’ Teacher’s Day tradition, selected students took the exciting, fulfilling, yet tough roles of being teachers. With the guidance of the VCIS teachers, our student-teachers truly went extra miles – from preparing class lessons and teaching their peers, to instilling unforgettable learning experience to their respective classes.


student 12 student 8


Student-teachers started with morning warm-ups to energize everyone for the challenge. The little “Misses and Misters” then headed their ways to the classrooms. It was a sure delight for all teachers to see their Grade 4 students reaching out to the tods in Grade 1; the Grade 10 patiently guiding the Grade 7, and the Grade 3 enjoyably observing the Grade 11. They had two days to give back to their teachers and experience not just the challenges of teaching, but also the joy and satisfaction of helping their peers.


Being a student-teacher was not an easy task, but it surely brought a new taste of achievement to VCIS students.

student 7 student 6
student 1 student 5
student 2 student 9