VCIS sets the limelight on students’ achievements during Recognition Day

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: May 05,2016

Everyone burst with pride for all the students who tasted the fruits of their dedication and exemplary academic performance during the Recognition Day of Victory Christian International School last April 21, 2016, at Chardonnay by Astoria, Pasig City. The academic world has offered the students a great ground to hone and be recognized for their knowledge, skills, and character.

The event acknowledged all students from Grades 1 to 5 and 7 to 9, with their parents, guardians, and guests who graced the occasion and witnessed the well-deserved recognition. Some students received the “Milestone Award” to acknowledge the important breakthroughs they transpired in various academic and non-academic areas, while others earned the Excellence in Subjects Awards, Special Academic Awards, Principal Character Award, and Headmaster’s Award for their academic performances and individual character that are a cut above the rest.

It wasn’t just a day of overflowing achievements, but of constant love, support, and strong ties of the students’ families from home and school.