VCIS seasoned tankers bagged multiple wins at the MILO Little Olympics 2016

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: October 04,2016

VCIS students fired off with spectacular winnings in different events at the recent MILO Little Olympics – NCR last August 27 and 28, 2016, at the Marikina Sports Center.


Ted (G7) and Gianna (G8) set their seals on 3 bronze medals in the freestyle and backstroke respectively, while Ricielle (G6 Homestudy) snagged 2 golds with 2 silvers in the freestyle, individual medley, and backstroke events. Making an amazing headway to the game are siblings Zachary (G6) and Gillian (G9), while Jaspearl (G4 Homestudy) was still hitting her stride. Gillian hustled for a bronze in breaststroke while Zachary leaped for 2 silvers each in butterfly and backstroke plus a bronze in freestyle, which made him set his foot in the MILO Little National Finals.

You make us all proud at the MILO events every year! May God bless you with winning energy as you continue to reach for the bigger leagues!