VCIS Professional Learning Community

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: September 18,2015

Committed to raise lifelong learners, the VCIS faculty members aspire to become better educators and keep up with the developments in today’s 21st century learning environment. Our Professional Learning Community (PLC) program aims to provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate and continue learning together with the end goal of improving student academic performance.
Teachers keep each other updated through regular meetings. There are two kinds of PLC meetings: (1) weekly small group meetings per subject area and levels, and (2) quarterly meetings for the whole grade school and high school faculty.

They discuss ways on how to improve the curriculum. Teachers continually revisit, evaluate, refine, and improve curriculum, fine-tuning structure and academic approaches to be in line with the vision, mission, and core values of VCIS. They also deliberate on the elements that directly influence student’s learning and review data and instructional materials.

They learn together. Understanding the unique differences of various student learnings and styles, PLC allows teachers to further study and analyze the problems and difficulties they have encountered in teaching, share practices and researches, and find the best solutions to instructional challenges.
They work together. PLC measures its effectiveness on the basis of results. The program believes that it takes every committed teacher working together to accomplish the goal of improving student learning.