VCIS enters the magical world of English Month 2015

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: November 16,2015

Who wouldn’t be enchanted to meet the great William Shakespeare – face to face?


English3 english 6


Though it wasn’t the real Shakespeare, the English Month celebration at Victory Christian International School magically toured everyone around different story worlds and characters. It celebrated literature and explored its worlds beyond time and the pages of the books, and brought a little child’s trance into reality.


english 5 english 4
english 1 english 2


Students got off to a flying start with fun and tricky trivia questions about their favorite authors, while some little ones mimicked Alice in Wonderland, played with the Little Prince in the African Sahara Desert, opened the magical box with Pandora, and investigated strange occurrences between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde during the Story World contest across grade levels. There was also the classic, romantic, seven–minute presentation of Romeo and Juliet performed live by the senior students. Meeting new friends at the Literary Parade like the great Aslan from Narnia, the playful Sam-I-Am, the brave little Red Riding Hood, and the wise Willy Wonka from the Chocolate Factory was truly thrilling as well.


Everyone had the best of both “real and unreal” worlds, even for a short period of time. Hand claps and thanks to VCIS English Month 2015!