VCIS embraces international mindedness

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: August 03,2016

VCIS community clinched in the power of international mindedness and heightened its preparations for the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme (IBDP) this school year.


From July 4 to 11, 2016, VCIS leaders, educators, and students went through an intensive IBDP seminar-workshop entitled, “Ready for the World: Strengthening IB Schools’ Preparedness for Global Education,” facilitated by Mr. Ian Davies, an IB-trained workshop leader and experienced IBDP Coordinator. The seminar-workshop fueled the school in getting hold of the IBDP principles and its worldwide perspectives focusing on the rigorous academic preparations and lifelong training of the students. Aside from the in-depth and challenging discussions, enjoyable group dynamics calibrated the five-day academic experience and made the participants welcome the complexities all the more. The seminar-workshop packed these substantial issues into a terrain of learning and personal enrichment.

Developing a successful IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Commencing the workshop, VCIS leaders actively participated in the discussion of the key issues involved in operating the IBDP such as developing the IB educators’ expertise, students’ assessments, and key benefits of taking the Diploma Programme.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL)

The ATL discussion immersed all VCIS faculty members into the importance of ATL in modern learning and how creating a genuine and meaningful learning environment can lead to both academic and lifelong success of the students.

IBDP’s Theory of Knowledge (ToK), Extended Essay (EE), and History Course

ToK and EE, two of the core requirements of the IBDP, and the History course challenged the IB educators’ cultivation in the programme’s demands. Nevertheless, they were drawn to more unique ways and principles of teaching the said courses to the students with high quality assessment and new standards.

How to be a successful IB Diploma Programme Student

The pioneering batch of IBDP students at VCIS gained advantages in studies as they immersed themselves into the basics of the programme and fortified their hearts and minds in facing the future.

The weeklong academic training prepared the VCIS community to welcome the future with much excitement and hope!