VCIS celebrates Commencement Exercises and Completion Ceremony of SY 2015–2016

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: May 05,2016

The VCIS Commencement Exercises and Completion Ceremony of SY 2015–2016 was the ultimate school yearender as it brought all the joy and tears, recognitions and hardships, and hopes and downfalls of students and their parents into one triumphant phase in their lives.

Following the Recognition day, the ceremony was held last April 26, 2016, and spread the scent of victory to all successful graduates and completers. There were nineteen (19) grade school and twenty-one (21) high school graduates who received their certificates and diplomas respectively as a symbol of their new academic status; while twenty-one (21) Grade 10 students obtained their certificates as completers of the Junior High School curriculum, part of the country’s education reform through the K-12 program. Milestone and special awards poured down on every student and were made even more memorable when parents were called on stage to award the medals to their children. Another highlight was the awarding of nine (9) grade school and three (3) high school DepEd Honor Roll awardees who exceptionally fulfilled the requirements of the institution. After the recognition of academic milestones, tears rolled down some faces upon hearing the speeches of Ryan (Grade 6) and Monique (Grade 11), the school year’s valedictorians. Topping off the great celebration were the complimentary services (refreshments and photo booth) courtesy of Alveo Land Portico.


May God bless all the graduates and completers as they begin their quest as dreamers and achievers!