The value of Christian Education

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: March 30,2016

Selecting the right school and the right kind of education during the character formation stages of learners are  important deciding aspects for parents. Learners spend much time in knowing how to navigate their way through the world and how to understand the ways of the world. To help and support them on these crucial periods, Christian education offers them significant values they can get hold of and live out.


What are the values of Christian Education?

Instilling a paramount spiritual view to learners. In his book Christian Education, theologian John Murray believes that the Biblical revelation is ultimate for thought, outlook, and practice, and must be seen in the implications of education. The principles of the Bible should underlie all parts of the school curriculum, teaching learners God’s superiority in all aspects and acknowledging Him as the ultimate source of human knowledge.


Recognizing learners’ gifts. Learners have varying capabilities, learning capacities, and distinct strengths and weaknesses. Despite this diversity, Christian educators believe that learners are God’s special artworks designed to excel in what they do. They also respect these learners’ individual identities and hone their potentials to the fullest.


Nurturing learners in a safe, educational environment. Learners are provided with safe emotional, social, and spiritual environments. They are encouraged with constructive feedback and supported through redemptive discipline. The values they learn at home are reinforced by educators who serve as role models of godliness and share the same values with their parents.


Preparing learners for an open, multicultural world. Upon a solid foundation of Biblical truths, learners are prepared for the rigors of higher education and challenges of post-modern culture. Christian educators train them to stand up to secular humanistic principles or any concession and acceptance of unbiblical values while developing compassionate character, servant leadership, and Christlike attitude within them.


VCIS and its Christian Education

In line with its mission to build Christian character, provide academic excellence, and promote leadership development, Victory Christian International School (VCIS) in the Philippines integrates faith into learning through Christian Values Education classes, small devotions, chapel times, and spiritual retreats. These pursuits aid in preparing its learners in making a difference in the school, family, church, and society.