Students on top of the UN Celebration this school year

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: January 04,2017

This school year’s United Nations (UN) celebration turned the students’ creativity into a whole new level!


The UN Fair, held last October 12, 2016, showcased the Grades 1  to 8 student-curated artworks through their versions of world flags, posters depicting peace and unity among nations, and slogans expressing their love for their families. All these artworks from simple cutting, brushing, and coloring to complex scraping or ripping were posted on the school walls. The whole student body was astonished to see their works on display! Also, our Grades 9 and 10 students facilitated the UN conference to raise knowledge and awareness on world issues through an interactive exchange of thoughts and opinions.


During the assembly on October 17, special performances prepared by students across levels concluded the celebration. While learning more about every country’s identity and promoting consciousness on international peace and unity in diversity, students just proved that they can be on top of many activities they would certainly be proud of!