Schoolwide Exchange Gift or SWEG: Worth the swagger

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: January 04,2016

Held last December 11, 2015, the Schoolwide Exchange Gift or SWEG brought again the joy of giving and receiving into the core of the VCIS community. It has continued the unique Christmas tradition of sharing the love of God through tangible blessings, thus, became another wonderful time of the year.


Started in 2012, SWEG has been a Student Council’s initiative that aims to unite all VCIS students, teachers, and workers through the exchange of simple, thoughtful gifts with one another. Each person was asked to pick the name of his or her gift recipient and think of a perfect surprise to give. With great excitement, everyone participated and engaged with the mission of finding the gift that will mean a lot more in the long run. On the day of the event, the Student Council officers played as “Christmas angels” who handed over the presents to the expectant receivers.


Without putting the gift-giving over the top, SWEG was a great success in sharing the genuine love of God through special, heartfelt ways.