Rockers go off with a bang at the MILO Little Olympics National Championship

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: November 16,2015

Our Rockers were riding high after they bagged numerous awards at the 2015 MILO Little Olympics National Championship Swimming event held at Laguna Sports Complex. Truly, God blessed these young people with great excellence in all that they do; they make it not only in locally held competitions, but also in national tournaments.


milo 5 milo 7

They nailed the event by winning five (5) gold, one (1) silver, and four (4) bronze medals in all. Among all who joined, Ted, our Grade 6 student, took home the Most Outstanding Athlete award for his exceptional athletic performance. Taking also in the picture are our young gals, Gianna (Grade 7) and Richelle (Grade 5, HomeStudy student), who showed extraordinary strength in swimming.


Their success and joy did extend to the whole VCIS community. What a great pride to raise not only servant leaders, but also champions!


milo 6 milo 8