Ready for School: Help students face the new school year

By: Vcictory Christian International School // Date: August 01,2016

The new school year is often met with both excitement and anxiety. Some students face it with great excitement about their new school, friends, or experiences, while others feel the opposite. This is also the stage when students struggle to slowly strip the poor routines they had developed over their rest days at home. Parents can help them get back to their right frames of mind using the few techniques below.


  • Adjust the sleeping schedule and regain school day routines. Your children’s sleeping patterns may have shifted over the summer break, which means waking up for school again can be a demanding task. Help them gradually adjust to a healthier sleeping schedule by encouraging them to sleep a little early every day or setting the alarm earlier than usual. Instilling school day routines again, like reading books, will also help to mentally prepare them for the incoming workloads.


  • Go back-to-school shopping. Buying new school supplies helps students feel a bit more excited and a whole lot prepared for the start of school. Seeing others doing their shopping will also ease the start-of-school jitters your children may feel.


  • Talk to them. If your children are anxious about going back to school, talk to them. Ask them how they feel and let them know that their feelings are valid. Encourage them, pray with them, and assure them that you understand the process they are in.


  • Encourage your children to attend school orientations. Orientations or “welcome back” sessions are important in students’ transition. Starting the school year without the pressure of academic activities will also conditions their mind to a new environment while being with their friends and teachers.


VCIS and its back-to-school activities

In their study Starting School: Effective Transitions, Sue Dockett and Bob Perry concluded, “The entire community benefits when children want to be at school, regard school as valuable, and experience school success.” Like most schools, Victory Christian International School (VCIS), an IB World school in the Philippines, also takes an active role in preparing an environment for back-to-school atmosphere. Yearly, it holds its fun “Boot Camp,” a one-week period where students get oriented, meet others across grade levels, and gear up for school activities such as signing up for clubs and school roles. Also, it eases students into multifaceted preparations through assessment tests and discussions with highly-skilled professionals to navigate through their academic, spiritual, emotional, and social needs.