Parents as Partners: Building Parent-School partnership

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: August 01,2016

Children benefit the most knowing that “significant adults” in their lives get involved in their learning experiences: first, their parents; second, their teachers. When they feel they are cared for and supported by both key players in their education, their self-esteem or self-worth improves. This kind of support also  positively influences their competence, beliefs, and perceptions of the world, affirming what the renowned performance expert Anthony Robins said, “What you believe will influence how you behave.”


A combined effort between you and the school guarantees better results for your child. Here are some things you can do to connect with your child’s school.


  • Get involved academically. Pay attention to updates about your child, know how classes work, and inquire about the teaching methods used in school. If you are familiar with how your child is doing and what kind of learning environment he/she is in, you will be able to advise, support, and encourage your child better.


  • Partner with your child’s teacher. Having a positive relationship with your child’s teacher helps you see education as a result of shared responsibility. It eases you when you get a helping hand in dealing with your child’s academic needs and finding ways to improve your child’s potentials. Take chances of discussions with the teachers or school personnel whom you think impact your child in school.


  • Attend school-initiated events and conferences. Find time to attend to school events that emphasize parental involvement and outline specific ways on how you can participate in your child’s school life. From general meetings, private discussions with a teacher, family days, and sports events to service-oriented events or volunteering, schools deliberately open their doors to parents like you.


VCIS and its Partnership with Parents

Victory Christian International School (VCIS), a Christian International School in Manila, upholds the importance of having a strong partnership with its students’ parents. It instituted several means to help the parents be on the same page with them towards the students’ development, such as:


Letters, SMS, and Social Media. VCIS updates parents through regular Letter to Parents (LTPs), SMS, and social media updates. Calling the school or sending an email to school staff for feedback, queries, or concerns also guarantees a quick response.

Parent-Teacher Conferences. In the middle of each quarter, VCIS teachers discuss the progress of the students with the parents and explore more ways of working with them together. They also maintain an open-door policy where they can be visited and met by appointment by parents for important school matters.

Observation Day.  In VCIS Preschool, parents are given a brief opportunity to visit and observe their children’s classes. It gives them an avenue to see the significant shifts and areas in which their children are still making progress.

Christian Parenting Talks. VCIS conducts Christian parenting talks to share ideas and discuss guidelines on how to integrate Biblical perspectives and effective parenting practices in developing godly children.

By working synergistically, parents and the school remove the friction over lack of communication and proves that a harmonious partnership brings out the best of any child.