Overnight Retreat gave a refreshing treat to our graduating students

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: April 21,2017

Another moment of reflection, goal setting, and infilling of God’s love lighted up our Grades 6 and 10 students during their overnight retreat last March 34, 2017, at VCIS Pasig.

The yearly retreat serves as the students’ refreshment from the hustles in school, and leads them to a close encounter with God. Facilitated by the Victory Pioneer team, and inspired by the theme, “Honor Thy Mother and Father,” this year’s retreat helped the students grasp the importance of having a personal relationship with the Lord in connection to how their relationships with their parents would be. Their new season of moving up requires a fresh view of their familial ties founded in the love, care, and support found in their homes.

Students also received video greetings and photos from their parents with genuine and loving dedications and prayers for their future.