New Year’s welcome: “Sampung Salmo” and Cultural Show

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: April 20,2017

Spoken expressions of thanksgiving to God welcomed the VCIS New Year through the “Sampung Salmo,” last January 25, 2017, concurrently with the Cultural Show from January 23 to 27.


In line with the celebration of the National Bible Month in the country, students interpreted the Word of God centered on the depth and value of the hymns and poetry in the Book of Psalms through speech choirs (sabayang pagbigkas) or choral readings. They conveyed God’s Words in the Filipino language with dynamic choreography and voicings.


Next off was the Cultural Show made for the students’ PE performance tasks. Each grade level was given the chance to present various dances from different parts of the country such as Rabong, Tiklos, Polka sa Nayon, Cariñosa, and even Hip-hop as a special number. Students were all in the groove to the gaiety of the back-to-back celebrations that gave them the time to showcase their honor to cultural roots and the beauty of God’s Words.