Math Quiz Bee: When numbers rule the day

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: November 17,2015

Mathletes from all grade levels gathered, competed, and had total brain workouts during the VCIS annual Math Quiz Bee. It was great to witness our competent students going head-to-head in answering Math problems from the easy to average stages, and finishing the game up to the difficult rounds. All hands up to these Math whizzes!


math quiz bee Math 5 Math 4

Math 2

Teachers divided the participants into different teams to connect their common Math nerves and form unique strategies for the game. Easy Math problems jumpstarted the competition. A piece of cake to them, the teams reached their first base and moved to the Semi-final round after solving the easy questions. The semi-finals eventually gave them a little challenge and the winning teams got qualified for the final round. And the exciting “Math Trail” blazed the finals. Revolved around five (5) stations, Puzzle, Measurement and Geometry, Logic, Games, and Problem Solving, the “Math Trail” challenge did require higher solving skills. The students did not even take a step back, but confidently rose to the challenge and conquered until the end.


The white-knuckled Math Quiz Bee 2015 indeed made the battle of students’ wits unforgettably amusing!