Learning Tip: Verifying Your Online Sources

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: February 12,2018

While many of us have developed an unspoken trust between our Facebook friends or the people we follow on social media, to share articles from credible sources, the #struggleisreal to differentiate real news between fake news. Through this short article, we hope for people to avoid the spread of misinformation and creating a viral storm of sound bites without substance, and be more proactive in determining fake news.


  • Verify the source. If it comes from a credible source such as The New York Times or CNN Philippines, you should be safe. However, if the source sounds sketchy like Before It’s News, then you should avoid it and look for another source with a firmer background.
  • Read the entire article. With our busy lives, we tend to stop reading at the headline. Go ahead and read the entire article to know the whole story.
  • Check the author. How credible are the authors? Have they written previous articles on a similar topic?
  • Check the dateMake sure that the articles are still relevant to today’s current affairs.
  • Check supporting sources. If you’ve got more time, click the link below to see how legit a story can be.
  • Ask the experts. It won’t hurt to verify news with an expert!


Source: https://columbiacollege-ca.libguides.com/fake_news/avoiding

Photo credit: FactCheck.org