Buwan ng Wika 2015 is a Nod to Filipino Culture

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: September 23,2015

This year’s Buwan ng Wika celebration was a nod to the richness of the Filipino language. Through its month-long fun and educational activities, the students gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Filipino culture, music, and arts.


Enriching the Filipino Language

The grade school and high school students took to singing and dancing during morning assembly to promote the beauty of the Filipino music and arts. They sang and danced to the rhythm of Bahay Kubo and Bongga Ka ‘Day; serenaded everyone with charming renditions of Dakilang Lahi, Pasasalamat para sa Ama’t Ina, and Salamat; and rapped Francis M’s Mga Kababayan Ko. Add to these, representatives from the Grade 11 class performed their original composition, “Sabi ni Lolo” and “Tuldok.”


Rekindling Love for Filipino Culture and Family

Filipinos are known for being hospitable and friendly. Both our Filipino and foreign students seem to know this by heart.

Everyone enjoyed watching the Grade 10 video, “You Know You’re a Filipino when..,” as it depicts the unique and special qualities of the Filipino family and community. The students also enjoyed playing traditional Filipino games like sipa, luksong sako, tumbang preso, bunong braso, basagang palayok, and patintero. We capped off the week’s revelry by communing in a schoolwide feast— ala boodle fight.


Appreciating the Beauty of the Philippine Archipelago

The country is called the Pearl of the Orient Seas for a reason. Through informative exhibits, the students showcased various products and tourist attractions from different regions in the country.