Keep students learning over the summer

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: April 14,2016

Even if students are not in school during summer, learning does not have to stop. Summer break is a great time to keep the students’ minds running while having a little fun under the sun.


Why Summer Learning Matters?

Research shows that children who miss 2-3 months of learning during summer exhibit a tremendous decrease in their mathematical and reading skills. They also gain more weight, especially those with high risk of obesity, when out of school during summer break. To close these learning gaps during the summer, below are some ways that will help students to be more productive and accomplished.


Ways to Keep Students Learning during the Summer

  • Summer lessons. Try to enroll them in engaging summer lessons like swimming, dancing, voice lessons, musical instruments, art lessons, martial arts, sports, or academic summer tutorials.
  • Explore. Take them on a tour in your city or neighboring cities, visit museums or art galleries, and go on a hike or camping trip for a bit of hands-on learning and explorations on the history, culture, and lifestyle of people in different places.
  • Go out. Teach them how to ride a bike outside and play street games like piko (hopscotch), patintero, luksong baka, tagu-taguan, langit lupa, etc. Outdoor plays enable them to enjoy the natural environment and seek out exercise and rest from much exposure on high-tech gadgets.
  • Read. Encourage them to read. As the famous quote of George R.R. Martin goes, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” Continuous reading will keep them at the edge of advance literacy and better academic performance.
  • Go to “spoken word” events. Spoken word is an emerging art nowadays. It is a poetry written and performed in public. Let them witness spoken word events that hold open mics and can be an avenue of developing their confidence in speaking and public performance.


VCIS Supports Summer Learning

Victory Christian International School (VCIS) supports in making summer learning fun and worthwhile. It encourages its students to join summer activities in the Philippines and abroad that promote relational skills such as parent-child camps, children’s vacation Bible schools, and community outreaches. It also partners with known institutions that provide sports trainings in basketball, handball, taekwondo, swimming, and table tennis to VCIS students. Lastly, it designs programs that will give its students an opportunity to prepare for the academic challenges of the coming school year.