The joy of giving back through Community Service

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: May 30,2016

On top of classroom-based lectures and activities, a more practical way to impart leadership to the new generation of servant leaders is by getting them involved in community service. Engaging in community service promotes growth beyond the classroom by exposing students to people of different ages and diverse lifestyles. Below outlines some of the benefits of Community Service among children. 

Benefits of Engaging in Community Service

  • Children learn more about social issues and their root causes and become more able to improve the lives of people in the community.
  • Children learn about the world outside the classroom and being a servant leader with the desire to serve and help others.
  • Children develop leadership habits, personal growth, confidence, compassion, communication, and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Children experience many opportunities to cement their values and beliefs as they refocus their attention from themselves to others.

The VCIS Community Outreach Program

VCIS is a Christian International School in the Philippines that develops their student leaders by conducting outreach programs in the general Manila area. Last year, the VCIS Grades 7‒10 students conducted an outreach program in Antipolo, Rizal. To make an even bigger impact in the community, different activities were made to be fun for both the volunteers and the participants of the outreach program.

These activities include:

  •  Teaching songs;
  • Imparting God’s word to the young through fun games and activities;
  • Building relationships; and
  • Distributing small tokens and gifts

Through these programs, VCIS students get to develop their God-given leadership skills by using what they learned outside the classroom. As students reach out to less privileged brothers and sisters, they take action to contribute and, at the same time, begin to ask questions that help reveal how they can grow as servant leaders of the 21st century.