Immersion: Exposing students to the real work and world

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: June 13,2016

Preparing high school students for the coming years has become more challenging in this fast changing world where most traditional paths have been redefined by modern ways and views. To keep up with these rapid changes, students should all the more be exposed to the real world and be prepared for the real work towards survival. A good way to do this is to expose them to work immersion programs that can serve as a stepping stone towards a happy and successful life.


How Immersion Programs Help Prepare Students for Life

Immersion brings academic reality into work life. Students are now challenged by theoretical classroom discussions. They need more than proof; they seek actual experiences. When their teacher says, “Earning money requires hard work,” they need to go out and know how it feels to work and earn money by themselves. Immersion programs concretize classroom ideas, lessons, and opinions, turning them into real work experiences and realizations that last a lifetime.

Immersion increases level of consciousness about a certain work community. As students immerse in the workplace of their interest, they get to know more about the whats, whys, and hows of working in that area. They get a glimpse of other people’s attitude and principles while being receptive and adjusted to differences and ironies present in the work environment. In the long run, they gain a depth of understanding and sense of readiness needed for their future professional lives.

Immersion reinforces lost values and standards. The new age has brought ways that changed the significant values that should have nurtured students’ character at home and in school. Yet immersion programs help students find places which have retained the old, good days and ways. Students can find a workplace that values honesty and integrity in work documents; a company that promotes genuine help and care through excellent customer service; or an organization that trains its workers to become people with vision, plans, and leadership.


VCIS values Immersion Programs

Victory Christian International School (VCIS) is a Christian IB World School in the Philippines that believes in the influence of immersion programs and develops immersion partnerships that give students an advanced insight into their desired career paths. VCIS ties up with companies like CBN Asia, Rohei, Enderun, Alaska Aces, Play FM, and more to provide students with a tangible experience of what it is like to work in a company related to their preferred course and career path after high school. Through engaging and challenging activities in the immersion programs, they will be empowered to make better decisions and face bigger challenges that they might encounter later on.