Balancing sports and academics

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: May 20,2016

Playing sports plays a positive role in students’ academic lives. While some may think that after-school activities such as sports take away too much time that could otherwise be spent on the rigors of studying, it’s capable of balancing and bolstering children’s academic achievements. Below are the reasons why.


It boosts physical, mental, and emotional states. Spending lengthy hours in school can be tense, so engaging in physical activities can serve as a fresh avenue for students to blow off steam or loosen up a bit.

It enroots discipline and character. Discipline springs from a rooted, uncompromising behavior which is developed not just in academics but also in sports. Learning in school and sports requires memorization, internalization, and repetition—skills that are also relevant to foster determination, self-control, and proper time management. As John Wooden, a legendary basketball coach, says, “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”

It becomes a source of academic motivation. Sports can become a good push to study. Some schools require their varsity players to maintain good grades in class so they can continue playing in the team. Some parents also maintain a healthy amount of pressure upon their children to perform well in school while being involved in sports.

It provides social benefits. Aside from classroom walls, sports expose students to budding places where they can interact with other people, eventually build and receive greater social support. Sports also facilitate a fertile ground for “social capital,” — creating valuable connections with others whether at locally-held programs like sports festivals and school intramurals or at national and international competitions.

It trains students for the corporate world. The benefits of sports for students may not seem to be visible at present, but the excellent teamwork, discipline, and coordination they have displayed or the leadership and social skills they have honed during years in games, training, and competitions can become their golden ticket to higher education and future employment.


VCIS cultivates a balanced desire for sports and academics

Victory Christian International School in Manila supports its learners and provides an environment where they can become the athletes they aspire to be while steering them to excel academically. Through the school’s athletic programs such as basketball, handball, swimming, taekwondo, and table tennis, students are given opportunities to optimize the potential benefits of true sports, while annual sports events, like the RockOlympics, challenge their skills through the actions of academics while enjoying friendly competitions.