Alessi and Dani earned gold and bronze medals in Sonny Ty International Gymnastics Cup

By: Victory Christian International School // Date: January 04,2017

We are proud of our VCIS students springing up from their love of gymnastics—Alessi and Dani!


Alessi (Grade 7) and Dani (Grade 5) joined the first ever Sonny Ty International Gymnastics Cup hosted by the Philippine Gymnastics Athletics Academy (PGAA) last October 15 and 16, 2016, in Muntinlupa Sports Complex. Out of hundreds of gymnasts from different countries, Alessi and Dani swept their opponents away with exercises that showcased their commendable flexibility, balance, strength, and control. Alessi took home a bronze medal for winning 3rd place for Level 3, while Dani obtained six gold medals in the Level 1 competition. The cup was held in remembrance of the late Sonny Ty, a well-known gymnast coach of many Filipino athletes who competed internationally. The competition also hopes to open doors to many young and gifted gymnasts from the participating countries for international and Asian meets.


Our student-gymnasts competed in several calisthenics competitions here and abroad and will continue to waive the flag of VCIS with them! Our heartfelt congratulations to both of you!