Seminars & Trainings

FINAL_seminars and trainings

Parent orientation, conferences, and fellowships promote good understanding between parents/guardians and the school faculty. VCIS encourages every parent/guardian to participate in these informative and helpful programs.

Parent Orientation

To better understand the school and its mission, parents are asked to attend the scheduled orientation.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are held at the middle of each school quarter to discuss the learners’ progress in school.

A PTC provides an opportunity for the teachers and parents to meet and explore ways by which the school and the home can work together towards the formation of our learners.

Christian Parenting Talk

As part of the school’s partnership with parents and their child, VCIS conducts Christian Parenting Talk which aims to integrate Biblical and scientific perspectives on raising a child effectively. This is to help parents understand and guide their children in becoming godly servant leaders.

Communication with Parents

Victory Christian International School makes sure that parents/guardians are well informed about their child’s life in school. We do this by updating them regularly via Letters to Parents (LTP), text blasts, and general updates posted on our social networking sites.

Parents and guardians may also contact the school via for urgent concerns, feedback, and other important matters. The school also maintains an open-door policy, and parents are welcome to visit the classrooms and meet the teachers by appointment.

Family Fun Day

FINAL_family fun day


Here in VCIS, we value family and relationships. Our annual Family Fun Day is especially organized to strengthen the bond and unity of the family. It is a great opportunity for parents to get to know more about their partners (teachers) in raising their children and co-parents and be submerged in their child’s world inside the school. The school prepares games and a lot of thrilling activities that will definitely be enjoyed by both students and parents.