Victory Christian International School  encourages learners to develop their God-given leadership skills in various activities like leadership conferences and outreach programs.


Student Council

Every year, the students elect their student leaders for the Student Council. These candidates should exemplify the highest examples of Christian leadership in terms of obedience to authority and service to the student body. The student council is a great venue where students can exercise servant leadership, characterize humility, and respect. As seen and experienced in previous school years, some of the most exciting projects and events in the school were organized by the members of the student council.


Leadership Conferences

To further develop their leadership skills, our student-leaders join leadership conferences on and off campus. In the recent years, our school partnered with organizations such as *Rohei and *ACSI in helping us raise our servant leaders.

*Rohei is an organization based in Singapore exists to create inspired learning experiences to people. It offers an immersion program that aims to help student-interns prepare for university life by letting them work in a highly experiential learning environment.

*The Association of Christian Schools (ACSI) provides student leadership conferences where in delegates gain insights on how to become an influence of faith in their family, school, and community.

Through the school’s participation in leadership conferences, our learners are exposed to a much larger view of the world as future servant leaders in their home, school, church, and community.


Community Outreach

Community Outreach programs are meant to encourage our high school students to reach out to our less-privileged brothers and sisters. This program has also proven to be a great opportunity for our learners to exercise leadership skills and be exposed to a larger world beyond the Victory Christian International School  classroom.

community outreach