Victory Christian International School’s Career Pathways in Technology and Livelihood Education or CP-TLE offers various programs from social graces to business management.

Immersion Program

The VCIS Immersion Program is a 40-hour immersion program for the Grade 11 students. It provides our graduating students a tangible experience of what it is like to work in a company related to the course and career they plan to pursue after high school. In recent school years, VCIS has partnered with companies like CBN Asia, Rohei, Enderun, Alaska Aces, and Play FM, among many others, in training our learners to be future-and-life-ready.

Life Skills Education

Life Skills Education is a course that challenges the students to become more competent and capable in their future endeavors as college students and functional adults. Life skills include classes in home management, car tire changing, basic first aid, laundry, etc.

FINAL_life skills

Culinary Boot Camp

To prepare them for real life, graduating students are given a chance to have practical and hands-on activities on basic cooking and kitchen rules. They will undergo culinary training from the professionals that will enhance their potential and love for cooking.

Culinary Boot Camp


Social Graces

Social graces classes teach our learners fine dining etiquette and good manners, enabling them to develop confidence during social functions and gatherings.


Social Graces

Film & Multimedia Technology

In this class, the students are taught the rudiments of film productions. Invited media practitioners will also teach them how to write scripts, and shoot and edit videos.

Multimedia Technology teaches students how to use graphics, text, video, sounds, and animation to deliver a message. Through hands-on computer operations and programming, the students present their ideas visually in an interactive and creative way.



Business Management & Accounting

Students will have to make business proposals as their final output in this course. This is very helpful in preparing them for college courses that have Accounting as one of their major subjects.

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