athletic program

Victory Christian International School supports our learners to become the athletes they aspire to be.  Here in VCIS, we also aim to raise the next generation of true athletes who have the heart and character that shows humility, perseverance, and teamwork and are able to glorify God through the sports they play.

Student-athletes may represent the school in various competitions outside the school. Below are the following events we have:


Victory Christian International School provides programs for our future basketball champs. We have summer basketball camps and training for those students who want to keep their stamina and enhance their skills in basketball.


Handball is a team sports played by two opposing teams with seven players each. The outfield players will pass the ball using their hands aiming for the goal. The VCIS Handball team were able to join and compete well in the first Philippine Handball Festival in 2014.


The VCIS swimming team participated and won in competitions outside the school such as PAPRISA, NCR Meet, Speedo, and Milo Little Olympics.

Table Tennis

We also have table tennis competitions inside the school during RockOlympics, inspiring our future professional athletes to train and join to further their potential.


We encourage our taekwondo athletes to join competitions to boost their fighting spirit and continuously develop their skills in sparring. This sport also teaches athletes discipline, self-confidence, respect, and humility.



RockOlympics is an annual and one of the most awaited events in VCIS. During this week-long event, students challenge their skills in both academics and sports, and engage in friendly competition with each other. It also gives them the opportunity to develop leadership skills and build closer ties with each other.