Victory Christian International School has retained its focus on being a discipleship school, which means that only students from Christian families are allowed to enroll. From case to case the school accepts students whose parents or siblings have started to attend Christian services at least five (5) times and are agreeable to Christian teachings.

In general, new learner applications are entertained anytime during the year. Learners who are enrolled in other schools but wish to transfer to VCIS may apply at any time during the school year. To do this, the student must show evidence of having completed the previous quarters in their former school.

Other learners (e.g. not currently enrolled in another school) who will apply after the first quarter of the school year may also submit their application, but they must show evidence of being able to catch up on all academic requirements he/she may have missed. One-on-one on-campus graded tutorial is required to attain a grade for the first quarter.

Foreign learners are subject to government regulations and school standards.