Step 1: Interested parties may call or email the school to signify their interest. The Officer will send a basic information sheet to be filled up and returned within 2-4 days by the learner’s parents or guardians.

Step 2: If there are available slots in the desired grade level, parents/guardians are invited for a meeting with the Admissions Officer to learn more about the school, its program and curriculum, and its facilities. Admission orientations are scheduled by appointment.

Step 3: Parents/guardians will be given a set of application forms that must be submitted within a week for the learner to be scheduled to take the entrance exam. They will also be given a list of required documents that they may begin gathering.

Step 4: On the day of the learner’s entrance exam, parents/guardians should pay the entrance exam fee and may submit the required documents.

Step 5: Once all documents are submitted, these are reviewed by the principal along with the results of the learner’s entrance exam. After reviewing the results and documents, the parents/guardians and the learner will be scheduled for an interview with the school principal.

Step 6: The school will contact the applicant via email, phone, or schedule a meeting if the application is accepted.