Every Nation Preschool offers a unique curriculum that trains our young learners to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, knowledge-lovers, and lifelong learners. This curriculum reflects the specific needs and culture of the children we teach. All the programs are supported by current research practices of how children learn and share beliefs and values in today’s world.

Singapore Math

Math is often perceived as a formidable subject, but with our program, solving mathematical problems become easier and more fun. Our approach to math is to let your child view concept as something that can be applied to his/her daily life. Instead of introducing math concepts, such as addition and subtraction, as separate thoughts, Singapore Math links all these to one another, making them easier to understand.

Abacus Math

Abacus Brain Training uses the abacus as a tool to aid in the whole brain development of children and to lay a strong foundation for Math learning. The abacus as a counting device represents numbers in a semi-concrete form, enabling children to gain a better understanding of numbers, place values, and arithmetic operations. The Abacus Math Training program also trains children’s visual, auditory, psychomotor, and mental visualization skills so that they can perform fast mental computations by simply imagining the abacus in their minds. Their concentration, memory, and spatial skills also improve, which are beneficial not only for their performance in school, but also in everyday life.

Language and Literacy

Using the Sing, Spell, Read, and Write Program, the children will have a fun time learning how to read. Phonetic songs and games are coupled with lessons that will help them master correct letter-formatting. The program aims to develop their critical thinking by moving them beyond sight-reading and toward reading with full comprehension. Opportunities to participate in group discussions, as well as to predict, analyze, and take note of the story details, are provided. With this, the students will develop their fluency in English, widen their vocabulary, and strengthen their command of the language, and eventually instill a genuine love for reading.

language and literacy


Children like to move around so they can maximize their energy by engaging in fun and interactive play during their calisthenics classes. As they take part in various physical activities, they will develop their gross motor skills, understand the concept of sportsmanship, and the importance of physical fitness. When a child is strong and healthy, his/her mind also functions at an optimal level.



Learning through Play

In Victory Christian International School children also have the opportunity to learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns, playing, working harmoniously, helping and embracing each other’s differences. By acquiring these skills, they will be more selfless and aware of other people’s thoughts, feelings, and personalities.


Reading Comprehension

Well-developed language skills result in less frustration, improved self-expression, and better verbal communication. When children effortlessly express themselves, they will grow to be more self-assured. We have a generous mix of activities in English, Mandarin, and Filipino, such as finger plays, creative dramatics, rhymes and riddles, puppet plays, and engaging stories and folktales to enhance the reading comprehension program. These accomplishments will allow the children to articulate their own experiences and share their stories with greater fluency and confidence.

Music and Movement

Music enables children to express themselves in a creative and fun way. By exposing children to classical, jazz, rock, Chinese folk, and contemporary music, we aim to develop more musically inclined and active children with happy dispositions. Developing children’s love for music will help them express themselves more through songs. Also, cultivating musical skills, such as singing, playing instruments, and song writing, among others, will surely make them well-rounded individuals.

Language and literacy

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a unique program that will enhance the potential of your child’s brain by promoting creativity, organization, comprehension, and other learning skills. This program is based on the iconic research and study of Mr. Tony Buzan. Victory Christian International School is the first school in the Philippines to offer this as part of its core curriculum.

Character First!

While we help your children grow in academic excellence, we also train them to be more Christlike by developing their character at an early age. With the Character First! Program, children will learn the importance of attentiveness, obedience, honesty, and many more through creative means such as memory verses, dramatic plays, and interactive songs. These values are later on integrated in their class activities so that they can apply them and fully understand the importance of having a strong Christian character.

Yehey Filipino

Our Filipino program will be fused with theater arts to make learning more engaging. This will be an avenue for the children to practice conversing in Filipino, build their vocabulary, and master correct pronunciation and usage of Filipino words. The children will not only become excellent communicators in Filipino through memorable classroom experiences, but they will also learn to love and see the beauty of the Filipino language.

Discovering Mandarin

As children become more eloquent speakers of English and Filipino, they will also learn Mandarin through songs and crafts. Research shows that children who are multilingual are more inclined to be successful in school. As the children develop their fluency in various languages, they become a step closer to reaching that success.

Wonders of the World

Science gives children a chance to experience hands-on learning while also being introduced to a new environment. Through activities such as observation and exploration, the children develop a deeper understanding of the concepts found in God’s marvelous creation. As they gain more knowledge about the world, we hope for the children to realize that they are stewards of God’s creation.

Life Skills Training

As we train children in real-life situations such as proper handling of money, coping with emotional pain, time management, and even the ability to respond to emergency situations, we wish to develop children who are both independent and interdependent. The result of instilling skills is the strengthening of their socio-emotional foundations and a heightened sense of maturity.

Homework, Family Projects, and School Events

Regular homework will be given each week, and all homework is to be accomplished and returned on or before the week ends. Homework may seem like additional work but in fact, doing their homework gives children the opportunity to become independent thinkers. It also trains them to be more resourceful in the area of researching and gathering of materials needed to complete their work. Fun family projects will sometimes be assigned. Such activities will surely create fun moments that will foster parent-child academic interaction and help develop good study habits. School events are an opportunity for the parents to see their children in action, fellowship with other parents, and even share parenting ideas.

Projects and Presentations™

Projects and Presentations™ is a model unique to Victory Christian International School that provides students with a good foundation of integrated learning that they can use when they reach adulthood. The projects can be anything from concerts, theatric and fashion shows, art galleries and human board games, to name a few. By working on these projects, they will learn various life skills such as cooperation, negotiation and compromise, patience, time management, creativity, resourcefulness, responsibility, and leadership. This experience will provide recreational and educational opportunities for children.

Projects and Presentations


Parent-Teacher Conference

No matter how busy our school year is, we will always be happy to meet with you and update you regarding your child’s progress in school. Parent-teacher conferences are our way of working with you to discuss your child’s performance in school and helping them in their growth and development of their Christian character.