Christian International School Grade School and High Schooll

Victory Christian International School  trains students to be lifelong learners, inquirers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, risk managers, and reflective thinkers.

Our learning environment is focused on the values of Christian Character, Academic Excellence, and Leadership Development, with the end goal of producing the next generation of world-class servant leaders who can lead with integrity and competence.

Our learner-centered academic program is anchored on the programmes of the International Baccalaureate® Organization (IBO), an international educational foundation motivated by the mission of creating a better world through quality education. Victory Christian International School has been operating as a certified IB World School since May 2016 and is authorized to offer the Diploma Programme (DP) to its Grade 11 students.


Our goal is to train our 21st century learners to be thoroughly equipped in language and literature for the world beyond the classroom.

Victory Christian International School uses trusted publications such as Houghton Mifflin for grade school, Holt for high school, and Bob Jones University Press educational materials for both grade school and high school. This unique integration of world-class materials will truly enrich their learning and effectively prepare learners for high school and college-level communication.

Through an excellent selection of world-class and highly effective teaching and learning aids, VCIS guarantees that reading, grammar, and writing will be developed in fun, creative, and dynamic ways.

As Christian educators, we wish to produce excellent communicators in speaking and writing, as well as to shape these young learners into wide readers who are discerning and empathetic. We want every child to step out into the real world with a sharp mind and a steady spirit, able to wield words for God’s glory.

English subject



The main goal of the Victory Christian International School Filipino subject is to help build the confidence of our learners in their communicative skills and understanding of the Filipino language. We have Mainstream Filipino class for Filipino speakers and a Filipino as Second Language (or FSL) program for non-Filipino speakers. Three approaches are used in our mainstream classes: grammar (which consists of parts of speech, and borrowed and vocabulary words), reading comprehension with the use of Filipino texts (such as fables, legends, short stories, and essays), and literature or Obra Maestra (masterpieces like Ibong Adarna, Florante at Laura, Noli me Tangere, and El Filibusterismo).

In the Filipino as Second Language program, situational dialogues are discussed and practiced, with only light points given for grammar. The Obra Maestra books are also introduced in an outline or summarized form. Integration of Speech and Theater Arts in Filipino subject, such as monologue, speech choir, role playing, and short plays, gives way for the students to practice and boost their confidence in speaking the target language. We will also celebrate ‘Buwan ng Wika’ in August to showcase the students’ talents and handiwork, and to appreciate the Filipino language in a fun and memorable way.



Social Studies

The Social Studies subjects of Victory Christian International School incorporate the study of history and society with the powerful Biblical truths of the sinful state of man and the magnificent promise of God’s grace and redemption. The subjects also acknowledge the challenges confronting the world today, especially here in Asia. They intentionally address the separation of faith and reason brought about by the European Age of Enlightenment by instilling how God has shown us that both faith and reason have been fully united through Jesus Christ. As Christians, it is imperative for us to fuse our faith with reason, research, and analysis to live out our purpose as God’s ambassadors. Our learners will discover how to see and interpret the events around them through the lens of a fallen world saved through grace. VCIS believes that history is God’s story, and it is our responsibility as educators to teach the students how the world works in light of God’s truth.

Social Studies



Singapore Math

Victory Christian International School is one of the first schools in the Philippines to adopt Singapore Math. This curriculum, developed by the Singapore Ministry of Education, places importance on the acquisition and application of math concepts and skills that are appropriate for the age level of the students. We extensively use the concrete-pictorial-abstract or CPA philosophy of Singapore Math, an approach that helps students develop the thinking skills necessary for the understanding of more abstract concepts.

Victory Christian International School is privileged to have the Singapore Math international expert, Dr. Yeap Ban Har, as the school’s faculty coach. We also have the Singapore Math CirclesTM enrichment program—a program designed and developed by Dr. Ban Har. The purpose of this program is to significantly enhance and deepen knowledge and understanding of the concepts presented in Math class. This knowledge goes beyond the four walls of the classroom for it will answer questions that relate to the importance of math in the real world. To enhance their learning, students are shown videos featuring Dr. Ban Har presenting problems and exercises that we will not find in regular textbooks.

Using the SMC videos and worksheets, the Math Circles Coaches are able to coach students with particular Math concepts and reinforce their understanding while providing advanced students with challenging activities. The students are encouraged to work on each SMC worksheet to the best of their abilities.

Math Circles

To supplement classroom instruction, we have our proprietary VCIS Math CirclesTM program.  In this program, students in each class are assessed and divided into smaller groups based on their individual needs. Each group is guided by a well-trained Math CirclesTM coach. This program will help address learning gaps and reinforce understanding. For more advanced students, Math CirclesTM coaches provide activities that challenge their skills in problem solving.

Online math programs

As supplement to the regular VCIS Math and Math Circles TM classes, we use the online math drill program called IXL. This web application adds an element of excitement for math learning through its fun questions, immediate feedback, real-time assessment, and virtual prizes for meeting math challenges. Students are given exercises to answer for mastery of concepts learned and for addressing learning gaps.




At Victory Christian International School, we bring forth a number of updates that are sure to make the subject extra fun for our learners. We are gearing up toward training our students in investigative learning through scientific ways of solving problems and critical thinking.

The Full Option Science System, a hands-on inquiry-based science program developed by the Lawrence Hall of Science, will be used to supplement the science education of our grade school students. Also, we will be launching a Science Fair where students present clever inventions and discoveries to the student body. Our BJU Press books incorporate Biblical principles to the subject because we believe that science is an exciting way for us to explore God’s brilliance and creativity.



Projects and Presentations™

A number of projects and presentations will exercise our students’ communication skills as each of them will continue to practice public speaking by presenting one hundred speeches over the school year using several age-specific programs. These programs will help learners acquire communicative and interactive skills like improvisation, storytelling, speech crafting, and impromptu and prepared speeches.

Aside from public speaking training, our students are also trained in the rudiments of project management. Project management skills are integrated in instruction at all levels, but increase in rigor and focus in the high school levels. Combined with public speaking, learners will be acquainted with backstage management, basic film production, and other projects. We believe that project management and public speaking are two important skills for college and career preparation. We are enthusiastic about imparting these valuable skills to our learners and hope that they will be able to boldly apply them as young servant leaders of the 21st century.

Projects and Presentations


College Preparation

To support each learner’s aspirations, college preparation starts as early as Grade 7. College preparation encompasses career choice and college entrance exams. The subject CP-TLE is included in the curriculum to help establish a learner’s career path. In addition, career talks are given at the start of classes for Grades 7 – 9, but for Grades 10 – 11, these talks are given all throughout the year with exposure to various career fairs. By Grade 10, the learner is given an opportunity to do online reviews made available by our partnership with Review Masters, one of the country’s top review centers. Moreover, the curriculum has been laid out to meet the Department of Education (DepED) standards in preparation for college entrance exams.

We also implement intensive college entrance review for our graduating students in the summer. This program starts as early as April to open the school year and is brought about to prepare students since most college entrance exams happen in the early quarter of the academic year. To support the program, a college entrance reviewer was developed by our very own teachers. The scope of each subject is based on previous and very recent college entrance tests.

We also expose our learners to programs such as culinary and life-skills boot camps, project management training, and a one-week preferred career apprenticeship or immersion. All of these programs are conducted so that by the end of the school year, the students are more prepared physically and mentally for college.

College Preparation



The CP-TLE subject endeavors to mold our learners into excellent and confident professionals. This school year, our Grade 10 students will be taking a Business Management and Accounting class and will be asked to submit a business proposal come fourth quarter. To help prepare them for college, our Grade 11 students will undergo life skills training such as cooking and home management. Our high school students will take up various multimedia classes.

Career Pathways Technology and Livelihood Education