To raise the next generation of God’s servant leaders for the 21st century


Victory Christian International School (VCIS) exists to provide high school and college preparatory education with an emphasis on Christian character, academic excellence, and leadership development. It seeks to educate children with a biblical worldview,integrating principles of faith to learning and life while recognizing each individual’s uniqueness.

The VCIS mission is summed up in three core values: Christian Character, Academic Excellence, and Leadership Development.

Core Values

Christian character formation begins with helping children understand their need for salvation in Christ and submitting to His Lordship in their lives. The school desires to instill Christian self-governance, i.e., the ability to govern oneself under God, among its learners.

Academic excellence is being pursued in an environment that nurtures love for learning and recognizes the unique learning styles and dispositions of each student. Biblical principles are integrated into each subject area, preparing learners to become great thinkers who will contribute to the betterment of society and — most especially — become committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Christian character and academic excellence are important prerequisites to developing leaders. Christian leadership is all about serving others out of love for God and people, and a leader must be someone who is both virtuous and competent to accomplish whatever task is at hand. The school endeavors to cultivate the learners’ leadership skills by providing opportunities for them to serve in school, church, and their communities, thus preparing them for greater works of service.