Victory Christian International School provides its students an environment that is highly effective and conducive to learning. We do this by ensuring that the school facilities are comfortable, secure, and spacious enough for academic and extra-curricular activities.


We maintain our library as a place of learning open for all students, faculty, and staff. To support and develop literacy and enjoyment of reading, we have various resources good for academic researches, story books, and novels for leisure and past time.

Science Laboratory

The school’s science laboratory is designed for lectures and science experiments. Our science laboratory is a venue where learners become observant, analytical, and explorative, gaining more knowledge through hands-on experience.

The Quad

This is where most school-wide activities and events happen. Morning assemblies are also held here every day, accommodating both our grade school and high school students.

Guidance Office

The Guidance Office pursues to provide help and guidance for the welfare of the students. It is open for all students who seek academic, spiritual, emotional, or social counseling. A friendly and warm ambiance is maintained as we respond to academic and non-academic needs of our students.


Our cafeteria is a place to witness shared lives. It is where our students, faculty and staff socialize. Here, we share our time not just to eat but also to interact and bond together.