Our Ministry

Christian Character

We help build our learners’ Christian character by making them understand their need for salvation in Christ and submitting to His Lordship in their lives.

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Academic Excellence

Our school pursues academic excellence in an environment that nurtures love for learning and recognizes the unique learning styles and dispositions of our learners.

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Leadership Development

We raise our learners as servant leaders. Through various school activities and training opportunities, we prepare them for greater works of service in the school, church, and the society.

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News & Events

Immersion: Preparing High School Students for Employment

The transition from being a student to being part of the working class could be a challenge to newRead More

Developing Students’ 21st Century Skills and Knowledge

In today’s world, training students to become critical thinkers is essential. Learners with a firm grasp on 21st centuryRead More

Raising a Learner at Home and School

Learning is not only centralized in educational institutions. In fact, the early years of a child’s development starts within theRead More

Benefits of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Toys for Kids

There is no doubt that educational toys assist in a child’s early education and development. Not only are educationalRead More

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Look what the Grade 11 students learned at Life Skills class this week! they are now revved up for life! #CPTLE #VCIS

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